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Musart Ellaahi is An Author of the Book Elaynna, A Motivational International speaker, with successful turn over events in Denmark and Norway as well as the UK, covering self help topics of Worry and Letting go of Fear. Musart Ellaahi has also been on Islam Channel to talk about her work of being a life coach and a self help guru. Musart Ellaahi also writes a self help blog covering various subjects of the human mindset. Her clients success rate of being healed and a refreshed mindset is within a space of 4 months. Musart Ellaahi has a background in Psychology as well as constantly learning on a daily basis to help others improve their mindset. Musart Ellaahi has also written 2 short books, one called Top Ten Tips on Attracting Money and Prosperity and the second Trample The Mouse Within. Musart Ellaahi has also landed her own TV show called THE LIFE SHOW WITH MUSART on LB24TV, Her aim is to interview inspirational people from around the World so they can share their knowledge and tribulations to prove to the world if they could do it why can’t you?

Musart Ellaahi was also featured in the Hayati Magazine regarding her novel Elaynna which gives voice to learning difficulties in Pakistan.
Musart Ellaahi has also been a guest on Inspire FM 105 with Shemiza Rashid to talk about her self help work and her created work. She is also one of the 26 Inspiring British Muslim Women in a Doctorate Thesis, publications coming soon. Musart is also a Winner of an International Reeba Award presented by Councellors of Canary Wharf as an International Inspirational Speaker.

Musart Wrote her first book Elaynna at the age of 28 inspired by Stephen King and Khaled Hosseini. She has written a short book Top Secrets of Attracting Money and Prosperity which is available on kindle and to purchase directly from this site, which highlights the prosperity techniques of how to attract money into your life. A young entrepreneur with many projects and dreams to follow. ¬†She’s a big fan of “The Secret” and Law of attraction. Musart believes nothing is impossible and to make you unstoppable. No matter what your dreams or draw backs are, Musart is here for you!

Musart Ellaahi has been well known for her self help guidance and helping others to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Musart Ellaahi’s passion is to help people and loves to write. She has created this blog where anyone can pick and choose the guidance that they require. Musart’s motivating and coaching skills helps her clients to find the solution and depth that they were always looking for in themselves.¬†Seeing others happy and bring a smile to their faces is what makes Musart feel whole.

Musart Ellaahi has recently started her new show Umeed-e-Sehar on Islam channel Urdu, Umeed-e-Sehar which means Hopes of Dawn. A show interviewing many inspirational women from the Asian community, raising awareness of the unsung heroes in the community. Sky channel 766 or Write Umeed-e-Sehar on Youtube or check out the tv show tab on the home menu.

Musart Ellaahi has also been elected to be a Brand Ambassador for She Awards Uk, SHE which means Saluting, Honouring Excellence, Awarding and recognising the many Women in the United Kingdom for their hardwork.

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