How to Ask, Believe and Receive

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We all are now somewhat aware of the law of attraction. When we talk to people who are maybe aware or even those who are unaware of the law of attraction, we usually get questions of how does it work for others and not me? Why do some people get their way and I don’t? Is this whole law of attraction even real? Well I will confirm that IT does work because I have experienced receiving what I want and even when I want. You have probably heard that the procedure is Ask, Believe and Receive, but how DO we actually do that? Ok asking is easy, but the believe and receive part can be tricky, not only tricky but ANNOYING!! Alright the receive part is not so annoying when it comes along but the waiting is annoying, right? The only reason this is annoying is because not everyone knows the real meaning of actually believing and receiving. We have this notion that we should think and the thing we want should “magically appear”, well if this was to happen there would be chaos in the world! So the understanding of the process is necessary that the time it takes “is” important. Time grows our belief system and helps us to appreciate what we already have. If the processing is taking longer than expected theres always a reason for everything. Now if you want to achieve and get exactly what you want, you have to follow the step by step process.

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Tips on How to speed up the Law of Attraction:

1. BE CLEAR. One of the main reasons our law of attraction slows down is because we are not actually clear on what we exactly want. When I say this I mean that we are not fully focused on our goal. Our thoughts YO-YO about and then we go through this level of frustration as well as being diverted from out thought and we start thinking on the negatives. I know its not easy to stay clear or even positive on our desire because many things can frustrate us or divert us in our daily lives but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. So the best way to be clear is to stay focused, and to ‘relax’ because it WILL happen, just stay firm on your goal. When you stay firm on your goal without getting frustrated solutions will appear in order for you to achieve your dream. So when you ask be as clear as you can, that will help you get the vision intact.

2. BE POSITIVE. Yes we have all heard of this one before and probably hear it over and over again and its getting annoying AF! But trust me it blooming works! As Rhonda Bryne says in her book The Power, you only need to tip your positivity 51% to keep an upper hand of positivity. Hope that makes sense! I feel that many people feel that they have to be on a high all of the time in order for the law of attraction to work, and then soon as a negative thought or doubt occurs they end up worrying even further, that “Oh no, now I have had a negative thought now my law of attraction won’t work!” But worrying further will actually SLOW it further, so the best thing to do is when a negative thought comes or a doubt comes just say to yourself, ok, not true, next please. Then make the mind blank and think of something that makes you happy. When a negative thought occurs or if you realise you are becoming frustrated at something, just breathe and say to yourself “Being negative or being frustrated will only makes things worse not better, if I change my mindset to something positive then something better will come of it.”

3. HAVE FAITH. Having faith is the believing part of this blog title. If you don’t believe yourself that you won’t achieve or get what you desire then how can you expect it to appear in your life? How can I believe in something that isn’t happening right now, you say? Well it’s easy, however it takes a little practice. Now you know that you will go home tonight so what do you imagine? You Imagine the dinner you will eat, what you will watch to relax before going to bed and then day dream of being able to sleep from your worn out day, right? You just apply the same to your beliefs, your just believe and imagine them like it is inevitable to happen. Its a deep theory but the simplest way to grasp is this way.

Hope my blog has opened some deeper thoughts onto the law of attraction. If you benefit or have any questions please comment below.

“Thoughts become things, if you hold it in your mind you will hold it in your hand” – Bob Proctor

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