How To Be Positive Like a Child

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Do you remember when you were a child and you didn’t have a single worry in the world? But when you were bounded by rules and regulations you still were able to be who you wanted to be as well as nothing used to phase you? What was different then that has changed now? I mean we still are the same people but what is it about children or when we were children that makes them so happy all the damn time! I love observing things, people and especially children. I quite often would happily take a child’s suggestion over a decision than a adults, because a child will give the most honest opinion. When I look at children playing or talking or just getting so excited over little things, I always say “I wanna have what he is having!” I said this once to a parent in a school line and she laughingly said ” Well he’s had porridge, baked beans on toast and a glass of juice this morning if you really want to know!” We just laughed at her comment and I said “You know what I mean! Your son is always so excited and happy and nothing seems to phase him at all” Her reply was yes you are quite right.

This thought got me pondering and I realised you know what if you want to be positive you have to think like a child. I remember when I was a child and I wanted something, if my parents were to say “no” I used to not ask again. However eventually when time passed I got what I wanted if my parents had enough cash or I had saved up some of my lunch money. I was ever so patient and relaxed about it. Then I couldn’t wait to be older and do what I like because my family was quite conservative. However conservative they were I somehow always got what I wanted. I never threw a tantrum or got wildly upset over something, maybe only on one occasion but that was it. I was really relaxed and would love going to school as that was my outlet of socialism. But I remember always being happy and content. I never felt I needed more than I had or even wanted more. I got exactly what I wanted when I wanted it. If I didn’t get it at the time, I always got it later or something better.

Now as adults we have been burdened with so many responsibilities and stresses that we feel are never ending. Being a partner or a parent can be so tiring or even juggling work or our dreams at the same time, can be such a stressful time that we wish were these carefree children again. But I have learned that we still can be like children! Ok it doesn’t mean take your barbie doll out or your lego out to work and start playing! But we can think like children. And quite practically thinking like children can have an amazing affect to your mind and creating a positive outlook on life and overall make life seem more fun than a burden. Yes you can still take care of your responsibilities and be happy all of the time! Ok maybe not all of the time but most of the time surely!

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Tips on How to be Positive like a Child

  1. When you get the chance try to observe a child, preferably your own or a relatives. Or even go to the park and watch how the children play, (from a distance) Note down mentally what you can see what they are doing. When I observe my daughter and my nephews and nieces. I always can’t help but just love their way of nature sometimes. Trust me give it a shot you will definitely learn something. Just watch how they are so dedicated in their tasks, they won’t give up until they get their choice of toy or their way. If you get the chance just observe their way of negotiations you won’t be able to argue back. Because their points will be things you never thought of, and most likely be the most straight forward things you ever heard.
  2. Stop being judgemental – Children are amazing and they don’t judge anyone. They will be happy to be with anyone who will let them play. They love those who work with them i.e. meaning who will play with them and who will give them attention. This is a great lesson to us. Not to judge anyone but to give anyone a chance.
  3. Get excited over the most silly things! Have you noticed a child’s face when they get an ice cream or a simple treat. For them thats the best thing that ever happened to them that day. Apart from adding the sugar rush! I say this because we are so auto piloted in our lives that we forget to appreciate the little good things that happens to us everyday. We forget to get excited that hey I can walk or I can still run! I slept on a full stomach today etc. The list is endless to be grateful for. Just get excited. and when you stay excited your positive energy shifts to a higher vibration. The higher the vibration the higher you attract what you want.
  4. Learning to share. Children are taught to share from when they are young. When we get older we become more greedy and forget what we learned as children. Sharing is caring is what we teach our children. But why do we choose whom we share with when we get older? Change this perspective and share with whom you can and when you can.
  5. Ask a child’s opinion over something you are struggling with. You will be blown away at that child’s perspective and learn more how to get your own mind into a child’s creative mind.
  6. Have fun! Stop being so mature all the time. Learn to let go and release your tension. You will feel much lighter than doing something mature. Just being silly when you are stressed out, will lighten your burden in such a way that you will not be able to stop laughing. Laughter is the best medicine. You will feel really silly for worrying so much.
  7. Allow yourself to be messy from time to time. Things don’t always have to be tidy or organised. Its ok to be messy and sleep in the mess you made. Its better to sleep and allow yourself some slack from time to time. Does it bother children to
  8. Give everyday your best. I know children won’t always give their best. But they will definitely give their best when it comes to what they are passionate about. Taking that tip on board can change your life for the better.
  9. Believe that theres magic in everything. Children are happier because they believe in magic. They believe it exists so it works for them. Getting little things for them is magic. Life can be magical for you too, you just need to see it. Have you seen children do role play? They are amazing creative actors and believe they can be anything they want to be. Add this perspective into your life and watch the magic flow.

“Children see magic because they look for it.” – Christopher Moore

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