How to Bond with your Siblings, Don’t you wish they were never born!

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Hello beautiful people, I know it has been a while that I haven’t blogged, well like any normal human being life ties people down in many ways, some times positive and some times negative. But I practice what I preach, and I have come to the conclusion is that there are more problems in the thought than reality, more on that another time!

Now back to the title of the blog, the reason I felt I wanted to write about this topic was because I see many siblings out there who just aren’t living the full potential of their relationship. Siblings are your God gifted friends. I know they can be annoying when they tell on you or irritate you. But if these nominal issues are cleared then you can have the most blissful relationship with your siblings. I have put together tips on how to improve or work on your relationship today.

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Top Tips on How to Bond with your Siblings Today

1. Have a heart to heart whenever you can, start small not indulging in your biggest secrets as first, because I can hear you right now, “I CAN’T TRUST THEM!”. I am not saying to tell them everything but build with telling them small things, like how you feel about them and how you appreciate them as a sibling. Or just share your day with them. Over time you will be able to build that foundation of trust.

2. Just imagine how happy or how much distress you cause your parents when you are not getting on with your brother/sister? Do things together as a family as and when you can, this will not only help your relationship with your siblings but put a smile on your parents face.

3. Get to know their interests and suggest things that make them happy. Plan things together and try to spend quality time alone. Like any relationship time is essential.

4. Before doing any of the above steps, you would need to clear any misunderstandings or negative feelings you have towards them. For that I usually say to sit and write down 10 things you are grateful for about them and why. This will help you to start appreciating them as a whole. The more you focus on their negative parts of their personality then that will increase in them, or you will attract it more lets say.

5. Look at life from their perspective, you may be so busy in your own troubles that you never notice theirs. Ask them if they are ok now and then, check on them. Just asking if you are ok regardless if you can do anything about it would make a massive impact their lives, and build that trust of them coming to you when they just need you to listen.

6. Appreciate and understand that everyone is different. I know older or even younger siblings can make us feel small, but treat them as their opinion of their personality. You can’t always change people but you can change your perspective of them.

7. Let go of any past pain and forgive them from deep inside. Not forgiving is like poisoning yourself for others faults. Just let go and move on, trust me you will feel a better sense of internal peace. Let go and love them anyway.

I hope you enjoyed my above tips and I wish you a prosperous relationship with your brothers/sisters! Have a wonderful day…..


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