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This blog was inspired from a reader who left a comment on Instagram when I uploaded a pic asking my audience if they wanted any specific subject to be written about. A reader left the comment on asking how to revise successfully or revision tips. Luckily Miss Sabah Iqbal I have some good news for you. There are many ways to revise successfully but the best way to do well in your exams is to actually read your text books thoroughly and understand the topics you are studying. The main reason why revision is not successful is because we don’t understand the subject and when exams are upon us we go in a panic mode and actually start “studying” as opposed to “revising” The word revision actually means revisiting what you already know. But if you want to do well in your exams there are a few things you can do to help you get the results you need. The sooner you apply these tips when you get your exam dates the better! The first thing to do is get any previous passed exams that have previous exam questions. You can buy these online or get them off your teacher. Once you have got the exam papers, you need to create a revision timetable. The timetable needs to include rest times as well and the timetable needs to be inconsistent with the next following exam.

Top Tips for Revising Successfully

  1. Create a organised timetable for the amount of time you have before each exam. Then manage each subject with the equal amount of time. If you feel that a certain subject for you is harder than others then you can add more slots of timing on a daily basis.
  2. Organise each practice test papers with each subject, then pick out the topics that are laid in the test papers that are repeated more than others. Go over the subject in a way that when you do the questions you understand the answer of the question and are able to write it fluently as you were to speak of it. I say this because I know many that when they revise. They revise by learning the answer of the question by heart and word for word. That is a cool way to revise but its far more better to know the answer in a way that you actually understand the subject. So when the question arises you can answer it in your own way rather than it being a copy paste of a text book.
  3. As I mentioned earlier getting the practice pass papers. Remember to photo copy the pass papers so you can keep practicing until perfection.
  4. What I usually advise is way before the exam to read the whole text book of the subject thoroughly once. This will help you understand the subject fully and when its time for revision it gets easier. Because all you do then is go over the topics that you may have forgotten.
  5. Shut away all of social media, actually shut off your phone up until you complete your exams. In this day and age the smart phones are the biggest time wasters. Putting your phone off until your exams are over is the best thing you can do for yourself. It will give you a drive and a sense of determination until you complete your exams. As well as helping you to revise properly. Leaving your phone for a few days or weeks won’t kill you. It will actually benefit you, all those videos or links will always be there for you to check out. YOU WON’T MISS ANYTHING. Thats the amazing thing about the internet or social media, IT WILL ALWAYS BE THERE when you get back. Now it’s up to you if the phone is more important or your exams. I know some will say that they will need the internet for revision, using that as an excuse will make you go on your email or social media, so I the best way to avoid that would be to print off whatever is of use to you. However I know nowadays there are sites that let you practice whilst online, then I would ask a friend or family member to block off the social media sites and youtube. So all you can search for are educational related information.

Well these are the best tips I have used and they do really help if they are followed through properly. Like I have mentioned above the way to get the best results is to actually study and understand your subject to a thorough level. So when the time comes to revise you are just going over what you already know. I can’t promise that the above tips will get you flying grades, but I am damn sure that they will get you a good mark on your exam, if not but you will definitely pass.

“Push yourself because nobody is going to do it for you.”


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