How to Stay Aligned with the Law Of Attraction

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When learning more and more about the law of attraction I have learned that being aligned is the most important thing in order for your law of attraction to work best. I know that this can be hard at times but many people forget to realise that the scale of alignment only requires 51% positivity in order for it to work. Obviously the higher the even better but being the emotional humans that we are and learning on the constant basis of how to control our emotions, sometimes we just cannot always have control. Of course we can have control about how we feel, or steer our emotions but this will take some learning. When we are born as children we will cry when hungry or laugh when tickled because we have learned as human beings to adjust our emotional meters with our physical being. Only as we have got older and matured we have learned that we CAN control how we react in certain situations or learn the lessons of patience. When put in a certain situation why do we act accordingly, for example we learn to keep quiet in front of our boss, or any form of authority. So when people say to me oh you can’t control how you feel or act emotionally then why do you act a certain way in a certain situation? Possibly to keep your job or to save your ass.

Now when dealing with the law of attraction, attracting what you want is no longer rocket science any more as more and more research is being exposed regarding the human body and how it works. The best way to stay aligned is to take a deep breath before you react to any situation. Absorb ┬áthe situation around you and question your inner being if what ever is happening around you is necessary for you to react negatively? In what way will it help you? Is the strength of your visuals worth it? As I have ┬ámentioned above you don’t need to be super positive all the time, just 51% of positivity is needed. I usually get the notion that many people start to worry as soon as they act or think negatively and start worrying that their visual or thoughts did not occur due to their negativity. I have thought the same! Actually you are adding even more negativity by rethinking what you thought. The mind has been trained to run on auto pilot and as you are training it to not to be on auto pilot and work on your terms, don’t let it get the better of you by thinking Oh no! I shouldn’t have thought that! Now I have messed up my alignment! It doesn’t work like that. Be easy on yourself, and just shift the negative thought into a positive one. Completely take charge of your mind and think about the good things and what you do want rather than what you don’t. Remember your mind will only attract what you focus on.

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Tips on How to Stay Aligned

  1. Keep a gratitude diary, writing regularly what you are grateful for will always keep you on a positive high. When we are grateful for what we have we attract what we want.
  2. Exercise regularly. Just 30 minutes of exercise can help you feel more energised. The more energetic you are the happier you are. Just adding 30 minutes of exercise to your day will automatically lift your spirits to and tilt your scales. If you are feeling more adventurous start your day with exercise and do another 30 minutes during the day. It doesn’t have to be 30 minutes. It can just be a 20 min run or a yoga session. This will add so much more energy to you for your day.
  3. Shift your negative thoughts by completely changing your thoughts into what you do want rather than what you don’t want. When ever a negative thought occurs just say to your brain, ok next! The less you dwell on that thought the better it will be for you. Then start thinking of what you actually do want rather than the opposite. Don’t worry about the negative thought that occurred. Thats not your problem! It’s just your subconscious mind that is learning how to adapt to your new thinking, so it will replay what its used to thinking.

“If 51% of your thoughts are positive and 49% are negative, positivity will be your dominant experience. Tip the scale…” – Justin Perry

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