Secret Ways in Finding the time to do what you want

Aaah Time…..Time is such a valuable thing that if we could, we would freeze it and not let it go by. Like the old saying goes when you are having fun time goes ever so fast, and when you are not it goes ever so slowly. But ever think why that is? Well obviously when we are stuck in a boring lesson at school we keep looking at the clock for it to be recess or break time. But when we are enjoying something we never look at the time, because we are so engrossed in the activity that we are enjoying that we actually wish we can stop the clock and make it last forever.

Well many philosophers say that time is only an illusion, maybe thats why these philosophers never age. Jokes apart we do age physically but its all about how we feel on the inside. Well this blog is not about how to feel young and giddy, its how we can use the time in our favour to achieve what we want.

Over the past years technology has evolved and so have we. We now have so many things that are meant to make our lives easier however technology has in my opinion made us into screen slaves. The amount of time we waste and spend on social media checking msgs, watching videos etc etc, our time is getting sucked into a vortex. I mean this literally! And before we know it we are hitting 30, 40 , 50.  Time is slipping away and we are left blaming the world for our dreams or tasks not being able to be completed.  When actually we are the ones to be blamed for letting external factors to control us. I have learned that if we just switch off our phones for 2 hrs a day and just focus on that one activity that is bringing us closer to our goal, within 12 weeks you will achieve 5400 hours of genuine hard work. 5400! We spend that much time on useless things such as tv or our phones everyday!

Top Tips on how to find the secret time in to do what you want! 

  1. Switch off your phone for 2 hours per day and sit and do and some work. Ok if you need your phone to do the work, then switch off the data or the notifications on all of your apps so you don’t get pinged!
  2. STOP watching useless videos that aren’t growing or motivating you daily. Watch things that are making you grow as a person or even potential advice for your goals.
  3. Wake up an extra hour earlier in the day and get your s***t done! Soon as you wake up, the house is quiet, go make that smoothie or go do that run or even go write that article or book, sit and do it! It doesn’t have to be the above but it can be anything that you want to complete. Waking up an hour extra early to just get your house organised for the kids, or even get some peace to yourself can be truly enlightening.
  4. Make a to do list. Writing out a to do list can help you get lots of things done. It actually motivates you to complete tasks on time and move forward. Regularly jotting down little notes can help you grow your ideas and even act on them.
  5. Have set days to do set things. For example, monday can be gym day, tuesday can be sorting the laundry day, wednesday is etc etc. This will organise your week in such a way that no matter what your 5 days in the week of set times are times to achieve the tasks that get dragged on. If you sort the laundry out on a particular day it won’t eat into your weekend, so you can enjoy the weekend with yourself and feel like you deserve it.

I hope the above tips have helped, and I wish you the very best of success in all of your goals. Remember the time is there, you just need to utilise it appropriately.

“Time isn’t the main thing, it is the ONLY thing.” – Miles Davis 

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