How to Stop Money Coming to You

We all want money and usually end up without much. We work so hard for out money in our jobs but the unexpected bills keep popping up without giving us an advance notice and all you want to do is rip the bill and throw it in the bin, oh and swear at the bill sender of course! Which obviously goes without saying. Then all the critical questions start arising within us, why don’t I always have enough money? Why me? Especially when we see people who are earning more money than us and being able to do the things that we always wanted to do. We look at those people with an inner critic that is feeling jealous of them. Waking up and complaining about the small things and sometimes the big things that annoy us. What we don’t realise unfortunately is that by keeping these thoughts and actions is actually STOPPING PROSPERITY coming into our lives. I know you are tired from your hard day of work, I know you are fed up of life, I know its just easier to complain! But what if you didn’t? What if you wake up tomorrow or even wake up in this moment and appreciate the essence of life and being able to breathe? You have your limbs and senses that are your biggest reasons to be grateful for! Yes you have bills and maybe a low paid job but at least you have a job, the more grateful you are for the situation you are in, it will only get better. The more you complain about the things you have the worse your situation will get. You ARE a Magnet! Like attracts like and therefore a negative person attracts a negative environment. Today this blog is going to be completely out of context and I will be giving you tips on how to STOP money coming to you. If you want money to come to you then just buy my Top Ten Tips of Attracting Money and Prosperity on the right hand side of this blog.

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Top Tips on how to STOP money coming to you

1. Soon as you get to work, complain you have such a crappy job. Curse your boss under your breath and tell your colleagues what an idiot of a boss you have. You could obviously do a better job than him/her.

2. When you open your bills just curse the whole house down. I mean how dare the electricity or the gas company ask you for money. I mean who the hell do they think they are!!

3. When someone buys you a gift, complain that it isn’t good enough. I mean come on couldn’t they spend a tenner more?

4. When an opportunity arises where you could invest money and change your career path, tell yourself you don’t have enough money because its probably a scam anyway. Its better to be in a low wage job at least you are secure and you can complain about your job for hours to your friends and feel sorry for yourself.

5. Don’t ever save your money, you only live once. It’s better to spend that money on futile junk you won’t be using anyway.

6. When you see a homeless person on the street, look the other way! No way! They don’t deserve your hard earned money just sitting there like that! You Got to be Joking!! They should be working hard like you and looking for a job! Or they will spend the money you give them on drugs or something anyway.

7. Never ever give out to charity! Like mentioned above your money is your money!

8. If anyone asks you for help, always say NO! Your time is precious which doesn’t need to be wasted on helping others.

9. NEVER buy gifts for ANYONE! Because only you deserve gifts, if they are expecting gifts back then who told them to get you anything anyway? And it was a pretty cheap present to be honest, keep your money tight!

10. Panic when you have to overspend and start to worry how will you pay for your next bill when you have had to buy something extra that you needed. It’s so much easier to panic that will only justify your spending.

11. Always believe that the poor only gets poorer and the rich get richer. Isn’t it pretty obvious anyway?

12. Never manage your money just spend it as and when you can on yourself.

13. Moan about your job that all you do is work to your partner and life is stressful. Wouldn’t it be easier to just sit at home and do nothing and get paid for it? Keep wishing you were born in the royal family.

14. If asked to spend money from someone else tell them you don’t have enough and things are hard at the moment. Life is hard! The money you earned are for your next bill not on a poxy present!

I hope you enjoyed the main important points of how to stop money coming to you. You do the above and money will run a mile from you. I mean that’s what we all want right?

“Lack of Money is the Root of All Evil” – George Bernard Shaw

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