The Life Show With Musart – Mark Anthony Clarke

I have always been intrigued what makes people to commit crimes and of course society shows criminals in a bad light. However has anyone ever wondered what makes people to commit crimes or say go along the wrong path? Well unfortunately its the environment that we are put in and will always do what we are used to and think is deemed as normal. Mark Anthony Clarke was a drug addict, gangster, and owned arms. I don’t want to spoil the story for you! Please watch the inspirational story of Mark, and find out how cocaine helped to heal his sliced legs!

Mark has opened a foundation called the Walk to Freedom to help people who like himself to come off drugs and build a better life for themselves. Check out his site

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Musart Ellaahi is An Author of the Book Elaynna, A Motivational International speaker, with successful turn over events in Denmark and Norway, covering self help topics of Worry and Letting go of fear. Musart Ellaahi has also been on Islam Channel to talk about her work of being a life coach and a self help guru. Musart Ellaahi also writes a self help blog covering various subjects of the human mindset on Her clients success rate of being healed and a refreshed mindset is within a space of 4 months. Musart Ellaahi has a background in Psychology as well as constantly learning on a daily basis to help others improve their mindset. Musart Ellaahi has also written 2 short books, one called Top Ten Tips on Attracting Money and Prosperity and the second Trample The Mouse Within. Musart Ellaahi has also landed her own TV show called THE LIFE SHOW WITH MUSART on LB24TV, Her aim is to interview inspirational people from around the World so they can share their knowledge and tribulations to prove to the world if they could do it why can't you? Musart Ellaahi was also featured in the Hayati Magazine regarding her novel Elaynna which gives voice to learning difficulties in Pakistan. Musart Ellaahi has also been on Inspire FM 105 as a guest to talk about her work as well as her books.

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