The Life Show With Musart – Noreen Khan

Being adults we have to always put the forefront that we are perfect and have everything in “normal” order. What the norm is no body really knows but we can always express the right from the wrong. Noreen Khan had an inner eating disorder which made her to continuously exercise to compensate for any fatty food she ate. Noreen didn’t believe she had a problem until her she realised she was not being a good example for her children.

The eating disorder made Noreen to never ever feel 100% satisfied with her physique that she would exercise in hiding in order to burn the fat she just consumed, only so that the fat wouldn’t attach itself to her body. This resulted in Noreen binge eating a whole packet of cookies and cakes in hiding. Those moments were like having a drug high rush and then regretting it later, with exercising excessively.

Noreen used the strength from the eating disorder to seek professional help after battling for 5 years alone. Noreen finally found a mentor who helped her wean off her binge eating and exercising excessively which resulted in her being underweight and unhealthy. Noreen transformed her life around and has started to help others with similar problems and teaching others a safe way to weight loss and learning to love themselves.

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Musart Ellaahi is An Author of the Book Elaynna, A Motivational International speaker, with successful turn over events in Denmark and Norway, covering self help topics of Worry and Letting go of fear. Musart Ellaahi has also been on Islam Channel to talk about her work of being a life coach and a self help guru. Musart Ellaahi also writes a self help blog covering various subjects of the human mindset on Her clients success rate of being healed and a refreshed mindset is within a space of 4 months. Musart Ellaahi has a background in Psychology as well as constantly learning on a daily basis to help others improve their mindset. Musart Ellaahi has also written 2 short books, one called Top Ten Tips on Attracting Money and Prosperity and the second Trample The Mouse Within. Musart Ellaahi has also landed her own TV show called THE LIFE SHOW WITH MUSART on LB24TV, Her aim is to interview inspirational people from around the World so they can share their knowledge and tribulations to prove to the world if they could do it why can't you? Musart Ellaahi was also featured in the Hayati Magazine regarding her novel Elaynna which gives voice to learning difficulties in Pakistan. Musart Ellaahi has also been on Inspire FM 105 as a guest to talk about her work as well as her books.

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