The Power Of Knowing

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I have come across some very thought provoking reading and research lately. I am currently reading two books at the same time, I actually usually like to read two books at the same time. The information I receive is mind blowing! It’s like both parts of my brain are forced to meet up and work together. I am currently reading Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Real Magic by Dr Wayne W Dyer. I am near the end of Psycho-Cybernetics and in the middle of Real Magic, and the information that they both are providing at the same time is introducing the power of knowing. We all by now are familiar with the law of attraction, which is becoming bigger and bigger day by day. More and more people are starting to believe that the Law of Attraction works. Some obviously look at you like you are crazy when you mention it, until they read a book that explains that it works and is constantly working. Then they will come back to you wishing they believed what you said.

When I first watched “The Secret” a few years back, I won’t lie I was sceptical and a part of me wanted to believe it all that what you thought always came true. I then lost touch and continued living my life as I was. The documentary left me thinking of the times when I had thought of things happening as I wanted and the times when they didn’t. A part of me believed that it could be true and what if it was and then I could achieve anything. After hearing reviews of the people who had cracked the code of how they were living their life as they wanted and much much more. I had to go back to “The Secret” and find out what was I missing. I then began my ultimate research like a book worm and am still researching! The missing links that I found out were that Law of Attraction works in sync with who you are (lets leave that topic for another day!) To conclude you have to be in sync with a positive vibe and how you are as a person, as well as the visualisation and the believing tools, thats a whole topic in itself.

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What I found now was the secret of tapping in the power of knowing. As I research closer and closer to finding the pieces of joining the jigsaw of the law of attraction, I feel I am almost complete in knowing how all of the pieces fit. Especially now discovering the power of knowing. What Dr Wayne W Dayer has taught in his book is that when you know that something is going to happen, it always does. For example when you start a game you tend to get this hunch that no matter what you are going to win. And yes you can tap into this knowing when ever you want to. But the trick is to know and there can’t be any little doubt in it. Because doubt creates a stop to what is meant to go your way turn a completely different way.

Some people ask me that why didn’t so and so work at this time but then I tell them to ask themselves a few questions, like what were they feeling at that time? Were there any doubts? How aligned was their internal emotional being? Because all these factors are very important in grabbing the attention or using the law of attraction, and of course believing in yourself. But what happens is rather than strengthening the power of knowing inside us we tend to weaken it by feeling disappointed in things that didn’t turn out the way we expected. The key to that is know it and let go of it, the harder you pull a cord it will break and fall, the more gently you pull something it will more likely come towards you. Ideally the way to feel better about when things didn’t turn out your way is to believe that it means something better is about to come along. I have practiced the something better is coming along, and the thought of nothing bad will ever happen to me mindset for quite some time now and now it has brought my Law of Attraction in a very desired position. What I think happens the next moment or the same day if not the same day but always it goes MY way! The other day I was feeling a little grumpy we all have our grumpy days! I was feeling grumpy because I had lost touch of what I needed to complete and was held up helping a married couple, I couldn’t blog or do any of my online stuff and had to get my chores done all at the same time. The most weird thing happened all day, whenever the phone rang I had thought about that person just 30 mins earlier, I was putting a load of washing on and just the mere thought of “oh I hope my washing machine doesn’t break down, I have had it for a few yrs” The next wash was stuck in my washing machine, the door wouldn’t open! I was like well done you attracted it and now you got it!

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But this really calmed me down thinking “oh my goodness I have special powers!” I know it sounds silly but we all do have special powers. I then called up my brother asking him what was wrong with it he said you need to drain the water somehow, when machines have water stored in them they have this special programme that they won’t let you open the door or it won’t work until you drain it. I was like wow great now what! I had to be somewhere so he told me what to do. I couldn’t open the knob at the bottom so I just left it turned off until I got back. I just “thought” hopefully it will be fine when I get back by the evening. I can’t be asked to get a new washing machine. Albeit when I returned home that evening, I asked my husband to open the knob, so I thought actually let me switch it on and see what happens. You won’t believe it! Alas it was working fine! I called up my brother and told him, he said thats not possible you need to empty the water. I said I have just put it on a spin now and see how it goes. So after doing so the washing machine was working as normal! I then put another load of washing and it did the same thing. I then felt truly grateful for having it working again. But it made me realise how silly I am, I can use my aligned law of attraction for anything now! And to stop letting the autopilot thoughts take over. Which is what explains the power of knowing….

“Thoughts become things, whatever you hold in your mind, you will hold in your hand.” Bob Proctor

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