Ways to Make Your Boss to Hate You…Guaranteed!

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Lets face it, if you hate your job its probably because you hate your Boss. But you always end up becoming a teachers pet in order to impress them. You show up early or on time for 364 days of the year and yet soon as you come in late for the one morning that you are not to be blamed for, you get the death stare from your boss, like you literally killed someone! And not to forget the walk of shame to your bosses office for that ‘word’.
What does that ‘Word’ entail? You get accused questions like, You sure everything is alright? shall I move you to a different branch and how disappointed they are in you! Or that your work has been lacking lately…. I mean come on was the train delay your fault? Oh yes it is, you bloody own the train line.
THEN you leave your bosses office, making promises of working extra hard for that promotion, which you know you deserved but it went to someone else, when they are late, they will never be called in for that little chat. Well you can’t please your boss no matter what, so how about making them to dislike you altogether?!

Ten Top Tips to make your Boss to Hate you, and maybe even fire you!

1. Always come in late, like whats the point in coming early, it never gets noticed anyway. God knows why Susie is in the office before anyone else, maybe thats why she’s always ahead of her deadlines….

2. Never start your targets until the night before they are due in, until then browse Facebook and enjoy the free access to the work internet.

3. Never stay a minute longer when your time is up, your time is valuable why waste it on the company anyway, not like you get paid for overtime.

4. Always arrive late to meetings, if possible don’t turn up at all!

5. Never ever contribute to meetings, just nod your head or play Subway Surfer on your phone, you will earn more coins in an hour that you ever earn in a year with the company you are working at!

6. Never ever chip in to colleague’s birthday or wedding gifts, not like they deserve your not so hard worked cash.

7. When you get a slight sniffle, just call in sick and enjoy a free week off!

8. When your neighbour’s cat dies, take bereavement leave, they don’t know how close you were!

9. Take a whole month off, the cat is still dead. You are crushed.

10. If your boss calls to ask for the reason for the change in behaviour, tell them they are stressing you out and now you need some time off for stress relief!

There you go! 10 amazing ways to get your boss to hate you, and you never know you might just have to find another job!

*disclamer the above was written for comical purposes only, have a wonderful day, appreciate the job you have, for you may not know, there are many out there wishing to be where you are.

“If you think you have less, look at those who have even less than you, then you will appreciate what you have”
– Prophet Muhammad SAW peace be upon him

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