How to Bond Better with Siblings and why it is Necessary


I know siblings can be a pain in the *** however keeping ties is necessary. Although we grow up in the same environment, eat the same foods, have the same parents share the same clothes or even toys we tend to go our different ways. We tend to have complete different personalities and even end up disliking each other. I am sure as we grow older we learn that we don’t have to like the people we are around but when it comes to family I understand it can be difficult to avoid or even understand. We hate going to certain family gatherings because we have to put up with that sibling who made or even makes life hell for us.

As I always teach others it is necessary to have good feelings for others no matter what. The feelings we emanate of others can be instantly felt in the auras around us. Sceptical? Do you sometimes walk in a room or meet a certain person and tend to feel either uneasy or sometimes a persons presence makes you feel good? And you question yourself what was it about that person that left me feeling the way I am. We are energies that are able to absorb energies as well as give out energies.

So what has that got to do with our family members the ones who annoy us? Well families are people we cannot avoid and as part of the appreciation process they are the closest to us and possibly deserve our attention more than anyone whom we encounter. How do we create a better bond? By giving your time and possibly making the first move if you are reading this. I know its easier to say oh they should be making the first move, I try all the time. If you keep trying and doing your bit, eventually they will turn around. And even if they don’t it doesn’t matter, you know why? Because you are in your positive element doing whats good for the world. This world needs better relationships for it to have peace and growth and YOU my friend are the impact of that. You don’t need to do big things to create a better world. Just starting small at home can make a huge difference.

Ok so they have annoyed you and you find it difficult to even clear those feelings. How can we rid ourselves of these feelings? Think about them, and write 10 things that you are grateful about them and why. That will instantly raise your vibrations for them and make you feel better about them. You can do the same for anyone, gratitude helps you feel good regardless how negative you are feeling. It raises energies within you and how to respond better to others. The more you practice gratitude of people the easier it is grow bonds and most of all makes you feel better about yourself. And most of all to see the good in everyone rather than pointing out the bad.

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” –Desmond Tutu

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