How to get Any Solution for Any Problem



Im kidding, yes google does provide all the solutions in this day and time however there are other ways to strengthen oneself to find what we are looking for to resolve our problem. So how do we do that and trust our own judgement and not always having to go to others. The first and utmost way is to learn to love yourself and trust your instincts. But how do we tune into our instincts? Has there ever been a time when you were about to make a decision or met a certain someone you got this unusual feeling in your stomach and you spelt it out as nervousness. But then in future that person for some reason broke your trust or betrayed you? Then you were like omg why didn’t I listen to my gut feeling?! Trust me in my experience I have become accustomed to getting closer to this gut feeling and wow it works wonders for me now. However I have also learned to stop expecting anything from anyone and just hoping for the best and touch wood its worked the way I wanted.

As we have covered how to avoid problematic situations or even people. How can we find a solution to the problems we may have or are struggling to resolve. First and utmost is to educate yourself, I educate myself daily. I love learning something new everyday whether its relevant or irrelevant, and one way or another it comes handy. So how do we find solutions. First and utmost is to admit the problem and not bury it away. Many of us have problems because we don’t admit they are problems or just want to avoid them because going there just causes us major heartache. Identifying the problem is the biggest step to resolving it. When we fear the problem, either it grows bigger or it just grows bigger emotionally for us. The second step is to either research how to resolve it or seek help, there is no harm in seeking help to resolve your problem. But it doesn’t mean running around blindly telling everyone your problem to get attention. Seek a good advisor whom you know will guide you accordingly. If their advice works remember you will feel it inside you if you know its the right solution. And lastly act on the advice you have achieved don’t just let it pile there. The formula is simple, identify, research and act. You will be surprised how quickly all of your problems disappear.

 “Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.” Anonymous


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Musart Ellaahi is An Author of the Book Elaynna, A Motivational International speaker, with successful turn over events in Denmark and Norway, covering self help topics of Worry and Letting go of fear. Musart Ellaahi has also been on Islam Channel to talk about her work of being a life coach and a self help guru. Musart Ellaahi also writes a self help blog covering various subjects of the human mindset on Her clients success rate of being healed and a refreshed mindset is within a space of 4 months. Musart Ellaahi has a background in Psychology as well as constantly learning on a daily basis to help others improve their mindset. Musart Ellaahi has also written 2 short books, one called Top Ten Tips on Attracting Money and Prosperity and the second Trample The Mouse Within. Musart Ellaahi has also landed her own TV show called THE LIFE SHOW WITH MUSART on LB24TV, Her aim is to interview inspirational people from around the World so they can share their knowledge and tribulations to prove to the world if they could do it why can't you? Musart Ellaahi was also featured in the Hayati Magazine regarding her novel Elaynna which gives voice to learning difficulties in Pakistan. Musart Ellaahi has also been on Inspire FM 105 as a guest to talk about her work as well as her books.

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