The Quickest Way To Achieve your Dreams

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Who dares to dream? We all enjoy a moment of dreaming of having all that we ever wanted, don’t we? I know I do! It’s nice to just sit and enjoy those dreams for a second and be in that space of time. However when we are awakened we are brought back to a sad reality that it’s just a dream, for some or should I say many of us will be called crazy for having big dreams. “Stop dreaming!” “Haha that’s impossible” blah blah you would hear when you share your dreams. Well if it is so “Impossible” then how have others achieved success? (rolling my eyes!) They all started from somewhere to be where they are. And that somewhere was a “thought” it all came from a thought and then was turned into action and a dream was accomplished! Yes you can achieve whatever you want and you can do it in the quickest time possible. Yes you read right! We underestimate what we can achieve in a life time. The sky is the limit!

The biggest obstacle that is delaying our dreams is the time. When I talk about time I mean that we are not utilising our time like we should be. We are so engrossed with our phones and the world around us that we complain so much that our work or dreams are not being fulfilled because of so and so problem. But is the world around us to blame? or are we to blame?

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The sooner you take the blame on yourself and start to observe your life closely you will begin to understand the mistakes that you are making. Like I mentioned above the biggest obstacle that we have created is time. As in how productively are we using the time we have on a daily basis. I understand we all have commitments or jobs that WE HAVE to carry on until we can fully focus on our dream, but what steps are we taking towards our dream? JUST ONE STEP IS ENOUGH PER DAY! Imagine taking unique 365 steps in a year, where does that bring you at the end of the year? You can build a huge wall with 365 bricks, continue that for 5 years you will have a house in front of you!
Now as all the above is nice and motivational but where does the how come in? Especially if you have other commitments?

Top Tips In Accelerating your Dreams!

1. Start now! Actually start yesterday! I know it sounds crazy but it can’t be more true! Start acting now! The first act is the decision to start, so start now!

2. Write down your goals that you want to achieve for within 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.

3. Write a to do list a week in advance, and complete all those tasks on your list NO.MATTER.WHAT! No excuses, if you get delayed in a task doesn’t matter just carry on the next when you get the time, but make sure you do them before the next day begins. Doing this will create a sense of speed and make you feel better that you actually are moving forward.

4. In regards to those who have busy lives and jobs. Take out 90 minutes a day where you work on your dream goal. These 90 minutes need to be ultimately free of any distractions. So you have your full focus. Try it once its amazing what you can achieve in 90 minutes if there are no disturbances. In these 90 minutes you are not allowed to look at your phone and I advise to turn your data off on your mob so there are no annoying noises. The world will not die if you put your phone away for 90 mins a day! If you have to let all of your friends know why you were busy but I’d recommend that the lesser people know the better because then they will maybe keep asking how far you got etc. However it is always helpful to get a working buddy who understands the why and will push you forward because they are in the same boat as you.

5. Educate yourself daily. The biggest investment you can make is in yourself. Read, meditate, exercise daily. This will grow your mind and body and help you stay collective in achieving your dreams. Make sure you set aside 30 mins a day to read a book, study shows reading 30 mins a day grows your brain, improves memory and you are less likely to get Alzheimers. The best time to read is before you go to bed. It will help you sleep better rather than ending your night on the screen of your phone!

6. Don’t rush but that doesn’t mean be lazy either! Everything takes it time to develop. But laying a small foundation everyday will get you closer to your goal like no other. We spend a life time in a job that we hate, so why aren’t we prepared to give a little time as in max 5 years to our dream to work? Something to think about….

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney


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