Ways To Make Your Boss to Hate You

You see your colleagues always getting a promotion or a bonus and you call them a teachers pet. You always get told off by your boss or picked on your performance, you never reach to work on time or complete deadlines on time, because you are there just to pay the bills right? You (think) you deserve so much better because come on its you. Haven’t they seen your qualifications don’t they know who you are? If your boss doesn’t see your efforts then add these on to make them not notice you even more or even better to get them to hate you and hopefully dismiss you!

  1. Arrive always late. The later the better
  2. Always talk behind your bosses back. Make funny jokes about the way they do things, even better imitate them you will be the joker of the office!
  3. Let your work slide, Don’t go overboard in the research of your job. Like who cares about that stuff anyway! You still get paid!
  4. Don’t ever complete your deadlines on time. Make sure its a day late.
  5. Arrive to meetings late.
  6. Complain about your job daily because clearly it doesn’t deserve appreciation, even if it is paying your bills.
  7. Spend all night partying and coming into work dazed.
  8. Never do anything extra on your role, always do one bit less.
  9. Don’t work in a team. You are a warrior!
  10. Call in sick and make use of all your free sickness allowance
  11. Rinse and repeat.

Bosses are there to hate anyway and to be hated back so why waste that wonderful energy of yours in making your life a better place? You rule the world not them. I mean just because they have worked hard to create these big companies and get to where they are, they don’t deserve you? Actually they are really lucky that you are even there to be giving up your time to them. Do they not know how valuable your time is? You get up to leave for work and show your lovely face. If that isn’t enough for them to appreciate you and give you a pay rise or promotion then what is?

“When my boss told me this is the fifth time I was late, I just smiled and thought to myself it’s Friday.”

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