Why loving your Boss is Necessary for your success


I bet you are cringing whilst reading this title even. Yes go and look for your boss and tell him/her you love him lol. No that is not the intention of this blog. Come on now you must be aware of the whole energy dimentions that I am always talking about. Why is it important to have clean energies towards the people around us? Having clean energies doesnt mean you bathe or shower your energies everyday, actually you can do that! Well through meditation especially and giving thanks etc.

When I mean clean energies I mean having a good perspective on the things we work with or even work for. Our bosses are people not pharaoh who wants to rule the earth and literally slave drive you. Yes some can be mean but I STILL want you to love them! You see love is an energy that is great for your sanity and mankind. If you learn to love your job, then it means you have to love your boss and whoever works there right? So Your boss whoever they are and however they are they deserve your love and attention. Ok not too much attention but attention in the sense of respect and you working hard at your job. I know many of us want to be entrepreneurs or work for ourselves etc but how can we if we can’t learn from those who have achieved those statuses before us? If as human beings we cant learn from one another then what have we learned?

So how can loving your boss help you achieve success? Loving your boss will teach you to look for the best in others. Your boss is in a leadership role, which isn’t an easy role to handle. Step into their role for a minute and try to see the world from their view. How does it feel being hated at for just having to own a enterprise something that you worked so hard for?

Yes I understand some people can change when they become leaders or get their hand on money but it doesn’t mean you become their best friend or something. But just look for the good in them rather than focusing on their negatives. You will be amazed how much this changes you as a person and your outlook on life. So remember you are doing this for you not them.

The truth is that stress doesn’t come from your boss, your kids, your spouse, traffic jams, health challenges, or other circumstances. It comes from your thoughts about these circumstances. Andrew J. Bernstein


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