Why you should treat Yourself like a V.I.P

Wherever we go we tend to expect others to treat us special or at least to appreciate our presence! I mean come on don’t they know who we are?! Jokes apart, who doesn’t like to feel respected? Who doesn’t like to feel special? But no body will appreciate or respect you if you don’t do all those things yourself. On a daily basis we are so accustomed to criticising ourselves that we actually forget how beautiful or amazing beings we actually are. We are so busy competing with fellow peers, work colleagues or even trying to meet up ‘other’ people’s expectations that we totally forget ourselves. Now the purpose of this blog is not that you become completely selfish and you stop considering others, the purpose of this blog is that you learn how to treat yourself as you deserve. Only when we treat ourselves the way we wish to be treated then others will treat you the same, and it also goes for treating others the way YOU would like to be treated.
In our daily lives we are usually running around like robots trying to complete all the daily tasks that we set ourselves, trying to be good parents, or even children, trying to be the best of whatever position that we are working on, that by end of the day, week or whatever we tend to starting feeling worn out and sometimes even fed up of our lives and even the whole process of quitting starts to occur. Quitting as is giving up on our goals because we become too overwhelmed with the process because it just feels like its taking so long, or why am I doing this when its so stressful, I am not bloody superman/woman! Hence it all binds down to the importance of taking the time out for yourself everyday, week and month to make you feel special and WANTING to go further with your goals. I speak to so many people on a daily basis from all walks of life that they all complain of the same thing and that is that they are fed up, confused and literally want to run away from their ideal dream or goal because it becomes too overwhelming for them. Old feelings of failures start to reappear, past situations of being let down start to make us emotional and most of all the rejections that had hit us in the past start to make their way to our memories and just try to kill us off. What do I say to these people? I say many things but most of all, my most important question is “How do you take time out for yourself?” “How do you feel as a person?” naturally their answers are usually I feel crap because of so and so, I DON’T have time for myself, I am too tired etc etc. So this is what I tell them to do………..

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1. Set yourself small goals AND big goals. Now the small goals can be anything from completing the most difficult task of the day that will move you one step forward into your big goal. DO THIS EVERYDAY then you will be 365 steps steps closer to your dream. JUST HANG IN THERE IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY! Now the question is how to stay on this goal and not fluster. The best way for that is to give yourself a treat at the end of each day or maybe end of the week. If you leave it longer for a week or so more it will feel more special because YOU EARNED it and the reward can be something exciting, from a small outing to buying an item you wanted to buy for ages. Anything that will make you feel special.

2. Make time for yourself EVERYDAY. We all need to wind down everyday and a day full of activities and work can really overwhelm you. Just eating dinner and plonking to bed is the worst way to end your day. You NEED to wind down. I myself have a habit that before I go to bed I make sure I do something for ME. I have to have alone time with myself to help me let go of the daily negatives. Our brains need to detox so we don’t become over stressed. Tell your partner or whoever it is you live with that you need an hour a day just to yourself. Where you meditate, read a book, or watch something funny, running a hot bath or even playing a sport, ANYTHING that makes you feel at ease and takes your away from the daily problems you face or faced. A distraction can work wonders and help you grow and come back with a stronger mindset with multiple solutions.

3. Organise your day the day before. All successful people be it V.I.P’s or else always organise their day or week in advance, this helps them to use their time effectively as well as create the time they need for themselves. Work is done faster and also theres more time to play because each hour of the day is timed or each task has been given a time in order for it to be completed.

4. Take Short Breaks. Every few months take a short break. It doesn’t have to be expensive or exotic, but booking something in advance to a weekend break or even a day out will not only make you feel happier but it will give you something to look forward to and also make you feel special because you earned that break. Getting away will help you rekindle new ideas for your work and also help you work more effectively.

5. Book yourself a Massage once a month. Yes I am serious. A head massage or a whole body massage does wonders for your mind and soul as well as giving you the feeling of a V.I.P. Taking that one hour a month to nurture your mind and soul is just amazing. You will be buzzing for the rest of the month! If you can’t afford one a month then take it to every 2 months. There are so many deals online nowadays that its a given option that you can’t refuse.

6. Exercise daily or at least three times a week and eat healthy meals. Yes we heard this one before but if you don’t nurture your body you can’t expect it to last very long. You will tire quickly and also feel rubbish. Exercise releases endorphins hence giving you the buzzing feeling all day long, so why not? I know we are just lazy! ( I am the same sometimes!)

7. Create a miracle morning. That means waking up one hour earlier a day to do something just for you. Starting your day with meditation, prayer and exercise will do wonders for your soul and peace of mind. Also that one hour in the morning of quietness and just being alone with your mind and thoughts has a great effect on your entire LIFE! You get to appreciate the things you have in your life by journalling your gratitude list. Just adding an hour earlier to your life of appreciating yourself and your being will increase your law of attraction and make you feel special all day long. Negativity will not get a look in, and even if it does it will only last a few seconds.

Looking after number one will always get you where you want to be in life. You need to make yourself feel happy and special and not expect others to. If you are looking towards others to be doing that for you then you will have a whole lifetime waiting. Yes on an occasion people will make you feel special but then it becomes an expectation rather than a realisation of appreciating yourself. The day they stop, so will you. So go and treat the inner V.I.P now!!!

“If you don’t start appreciating what’s right in front of you, you might just lose it.”

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